Rural people are at the heart of our services

How we can help.

Not-for-profit and Member-based Organisations.

Not-for-profit and member-based organisations work in our communities every day, providing much-needed services. Being so well integrated into our community experience provides these organisations with a deep understanding of the needs of the people and how they can meet them. However, within our small towns, it is often the same core group of people trying to make things happen. And before too long, volunteer exhaustion comes into play, and these organisations can struggle to survive.

At 150Square, we help build capacity within regional organisations, working to make local groups sustainable. We bring a genuine willingness to see ideas implemented, collaboratively and collectively from within, so these values become embedded at a grassroots level. We believe that strategy, structure and governance are the key elements of strong rural organisations.


How we work with you:


  • Governance & structure
  • Membership engagement
  • Funding model development
  • Strategic planning
  • Human resources
  • Governance workshops
  • Constitution advice
  • Board and committee development
Grower Group Alliance Logo

“Probably the biggest benefit was that I was able to completely outsource the project to Caroline, and it was like a one-touch process. I didn’t have to micromanage her. We had maybe one meeting, she scoped what our needs were and what the content was. Then she conceptualized how she would deliver it. And I didn’t even need to meet with her again. I just greenlighted it and said, “Okay, go do it.”. In terms of the course, Caroline hosted and delivered it all online. She just took full ownership of it and the quality of her content was outstanding.

My measure of success for some something is always the bums in seats, and how many people actually consume the content. Our consumption rate of people that completed all the content was really high. Around 87% of participants engaged with and got through all the content. That exceeded our goals and aspirations. So we know that what Caroline delivered hit the mark for the participants.”

Online governance course for Kallista Bolton of the Grower Group Alliance

Community and Local Government.

Community and Local Government organisations form the foundation of our country towns, developing and executing long-term strategies to grow our communities. Particularly in smaller areas, this is often done with few people and limited resources. Meaning even a small amount of the right external help can make a big difference.

The 150Square team’s involvement in our own communities gives us a genuine interest in and a solid understanding of the issues impacting regional governance in the Wheatbelt. We bring strong administration and project management skills as well as stakeholder engagement and relationship management to help you transform your town. This broad range of expertise means you get customised, responsive solutions that allow you to free up internal resources to work on other priorities.


How we work with you:


  • Executive services to VROCs
  • Community consultation
  • Business Cases
  • Strategic and corporate planning
  • Project plan development
  • Facilitating delivery
  • Grant applications
Ravensthorpe Community Resource Centre

“Caroline lives and breathes this stuff and she’ll be able to provide you solutions that are actually going to work. Your committee and your people will really enjoy engaging with the process that she runs. Because she has such a deep understanding of the challenges in the regions as well as the way government and business interplay with regional WA you just get access to a whole lot more information than you could source elsewhere. I just feel really lucky that Caroline’s advocating and working in regional WA because I’m sure wherever she was in the world she would be adding so much value. And we’re lucky that it’s here.”

Gabrielle Major
Ravensthorpe CRC manager and Fitzgerald Business Network founder

Rural Business.

In small towns, our businesses and our communities are intrinsically one. Successful, profitable and sustainable rural businesses build country communities, producing the economic and developmental opportunities people and towns need to grow. Yet, the path to success isn’t always straightforward. At 150Square, we understand the unique challenges rural-based small and family businesses face (it’s where we started, after all).

Building a business that works starts with a clearly defined strategy, effectively the ‘bones’ of a company, providing the structure and stability needed to achieve your goals. But, out-of-the-box solutions don’t always fit, which is why the 150Square team takes a tailored one-on-one business development approach designed to meet the specific needs of your rural business.


How we work with you:


  • 3-month strategy SMASH program
  • Business model development
  • Growth & innovation solutions
  • Business owner coaching & mentoring
  • Process and systems improvement
  • Policies & HR systems
  • SME & family business governance

“It was terrific to take part in the Business Smash workshop with the 150Square team. The SMASH methodology gave me an insight into my business and with 150’s help provided an excellent planning tool that I have put into practice. It has really made me realise how we go along running our businesses but rarely sit down and develop a strategy to take it to the next level.”

Danielle McNamee
Managing Director, ProcessWorx