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Strategic Solutions for Business and Not For Profit Organisations in Rural Australia

Who We Are

An innovative, future-focused strategy group, strategically connecting people, building partnerships and delivering solutions that empower rural communities to grow and thrive from within.

What We Do

We design and deliver strategic solutions that clarify purpose, build internal strength and communicate value for business, community and NFP organisations in rural Australia.

Helping businesses, community groups and NFP’s in Rural Australia Achieve strategic sustainability. 

150Square Purpose

We have a genuine interest in connecting the people, ideas and resources necessary to sustain and grow thriving Australian rural communities now and well into the future.

Future proof your organisation

Build from within

Rural & community centric solutions

Realistic & attainable outcomes


For Business

Strategy development and growth solutions designed for rural businesses.


For NFP's

Governance, membership and strategy solutions for not for profits

Who are Square Solutions for?

At 150Square we strive to continually deliver positive outcomes for rural communities. We work to ensure that our strategic solutions are designed, in partnership with our clients, to meet the needs of our clients.

Square solutions are flexible, bespoke and tailored to solves the problems faced by businesses, community groups and NFP organisations in rural areas.

Our Approach

150Square brings practical experience and a genuine willingness to see concepts, ideas, projects and solutions be successfully implemented in rural communities. 

We live in and understand how the regions ‘tick’ and are committed to sharing our experiences, knowledge and networks, so that the people and organisations we work with succeed.

The team at 150Square are experienced in delivering solutions, ideas and projects for businesses, local governments and not for profits in the rural landscape.

We are passionate about cultivating ‘collective capacity’ and empowering the people within regional communities to grow and thrive from within. 


Working with 150Square made something that can seem very daunting and difficult, into a seamless and easy process. Their direction and support has meant we have a fresh and detailed direction for the future of our group.’

Sian Pladdy- Kett

Merredin and Districts Farm Improvement Group

 Think Strategically

Cultivate Your Purpose

Thrive from Within

150Square brings practical experience and a genuine willingness to help rural communities be successful.

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